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Neuroforma - innovative support for neurological rehabilitation at home

Neuroforma is modern computer software for motor or cognitive function enhancement. The program uses elements of virtual reality. It is created for patients with neurological diseases and traumas.

Neuroforma is used in clinics, hospitals, rehabilitation centres and therapy rooms as a tool for supporting neurorehabilitation, and as a tool for individual exercising by patients at home.

From the very beginning, Neuroforma has been developed in cooperation with the scientific community. We believe in the “little steps” strategy – from an initial version based on practitioners’ and researchers’ knowledge, through development of new diagnostic and therapeutic methods, to clinical trials.

Neuroforma comes in three forms: for rehabilitation centres , for therapists and for patients .

Neuroforma for rehabilitation centers

Neuroforma for rehabilitation centres is a convenient, mobile station including a big screen, a computer system and a 3D technology optical system.

It’s designed for those rehabilitation centres which want to gain:

  • time and convenience
  • more satisfied and committed patients
  • better therapeutic results


Neuroforma for therapists

Neuroforma for therapists is computer software for individual work with patients who need to improve their motor and cognitive functions. All you need to use the program is a computer and a web camera.

You can use Neuroforma in a practice room or in a rehabilitation centre, or use it during house calls or assign independent exercises to your patients with Neuroforma for patients.


Neuroforma for patients

Neuroforma is computer software for independent motor and cognitive exercises created by neurorehabilitation and neuropsychology professionals. It is designed for patients with neurological diseases and injuries. It is particularly suited for the rehabilitation of patients with multiple sclerosis and those recovering from brain strokes and brain injuries.

You can use Neuroforma on your computer at home. It boosts motivation to exercise daily, improves mental and physical fitness, as well as allows patients to see the results of their therapy.