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Our technology platform and projects create many opportunities for cooperation with both scientific and business environments. This is especially true thanks to our reliance on inexpensive and accessible technological solutions, which allow for a rapid turnaround from research results to everyday life.

We are not specialists in every field nor do we aspire to be. Our strategy is founded on cooperation with experts from a broad range of fields - from specialist scientific teams, through practising therapists, to distributors to the medical market.

We believe that combining individual and institutional abilities allows for the creation of a real surplus value in the products, projects, or ideas created together.



  • We are searching for experts and teams to develop our  platform for other patient groups. Our tools in combination with your knowledge can bring them real benefits.
  • We are interested in empirical research on our deployment projects , including Neuroforma (e.g. motivational system, telemedical system, effectiveness of therapeutic programs etc.).
  • Our technology platform can serve a broad scope of experimental research employing various combinations of content and measurements: cognitive games and exercises controlled by motion, touchscreen, or other types of sensors, measurement of motion characteristics (3D video camera), body balance (posturograph), and other biomedical signals (EEG, GSR, EMG, etc.) - all using light, portable devices.
  • We participate in research teams and are seeking new ones that we can cooperate with to prepare and apply for grants together, for both basic and applied research.



  • We are looking for partners to distribute our rehabilitation and therapy support tools, including Neuroforma, in Poland and abroad.
  • We want to establish cooperation with therapists and private practices to use and test our products in practice.
  • We are interested in integrating our telerehabilitation platform with new technologies and unique rehabilitation and therapeutic plans.
  • We are interested in partners to help develop our technology platform in new areas to create products that are needed and useful.


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